Ragchewing – How to Have a Good Conversation

CQ, CQ, CQ, Calling any station. This is Kilo Delta…

Ever heard that? Ever have the desire to answer that call but don’t know what to say? This post is aimed, not only to  teach you what to say, but to help you have a good, long conversation.

The first thing that you do after you hear a CQ you repeat his call sign two to times followed by your call sign in letters and phonetics. Once they repeat their call sign then you are good to go. Start with the regular stuff, name, location, power, signal report and antenna type. After he says the same thing start off with easy topics like the weather and traffic. You can talk about anything but we try to avoid topics like politics and religion.

If you here a station talking to another and want to join, wait for a break in the conversation, then say your call sign. DON’T say break unless it’s an emergency.

To talk on a frequency modulation repeater just say, this is —— monitoring. If someone hears you they will say’——- this is KD2DVF.’ Then you’ll get into a conversation.

Got any cool tricks? Comment below!

Click here for the repeater directory.


2 thoughts on “Ragchewing – How to Have a Good Conversation

  1. You could also ask about the tourist things to see and do, in the other persons area. It would be good to mention you are near NY city. People all over the world know about NYC but not many have been there.
    Glad you fixed the photos. I like seeing them. Are you going to post a photo of the machine you inherited?

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