This is a guide for salvaging electronic parts.

Salvaging electronics is very easy, fun and worth your while. The first thing that you need to do find a good treasure chest or electronic appliance. You can find these on the side of the road,  at a thrift shop and in a Goodwill store for 5$. Printers, outdated computers, VCRs, microwaves, older TVs, DVD burners (normally from computers) and many other things. When you bring the treasure home, try to save the enclosure because you can use it and the case might be worth something to others. When salvaging you will find circuit boards, mechanical parts and many other things. Now that you have your treasure you’ll need to disassemble it. First take all of the screws out of the case. Save these (and everything else)! Then disassemble the case by using a flat head screw driver for leverage to pry the case apart. Careful! You need to be because plastic snaps and metal bends! Once the case is off take out the circuit boards by pulling wires and unscrewing screws. When the circuits are out take the big stuff out like the transformers. To take the components out of the board just use a soldering iron, pliers, helping hands and a solder sucker. Take the solder away with the solder sucker. now gently pry the component off the board. There, now you have your component. Do this for all of the components and then unscrew the big stuff and mechanical parts.  There, now you have your components.


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