Raising an Antenna

I recently received a10 meter rig and antenna. I got these things at my ham club meeting and as soon as I got home I rose my antenna by driving a piece of wood about 12 feet long into the ground with a mallet. When it was 1/3into the ground or 4 feet and stable I drilled a hole into the middle of it. There I ran ropes that acted as guy wiers into it and then stuck the rope into the ground with tent stakes. When I was ABSOLUTELY sure that the post was sturdy and stuck in the ground I lashed the antenna onto the post. I used a square lashing to secure the antenna onto the post. Another way to get a quick, easy but more permanent “post mount” is to drive a 8 foot piece of wood into the ground half way. Then put a 12 foot piece of pipe onto the post and secure both of them together by drilling a hole into both the wood post and pipe and putting a long bolt and nut onto it. Do this 2 to 4 times. In the middle of the pipe drill another hole and put your coax for your antenna into the pipe. Drill another hole on the top of the pipe and run the coax out. Secure the antenna on the pipe by using U-bolts.

If you have a Yagi to put up use a tower because you can get maximum range(see my next post about BIG antenna raising).
If you have a wire antenna sling it up in between two trees.
If you have a indoor antenna hang it with twine.


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